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Communication is a critical skill for project management. Multiple communication methods may be used to transfer information to stakeholders.

Communication methods are described in section of the PMBOK, 5th edition. The PMBOK classifies the methods into three categories based on the direction: interactive communication, push communication, and pull communication.

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Interactive communication: meetings, phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, hallway or "watercooler" conversations

Interactive communication is characterized by the interaction, the multi-way or back and forth capability.

Push communication: letters, memos, reports, email, voice mail, press releases

Push communication is sent or "pushed" to the recipient. (Note: The PMBOK puts blogs into this category, but in order for a true "push", some kind of alert would need to be sent to the intended recipients.)

Pull communication: web sites, lessons learned databases, document repository

Pull communication is information that is available "on demand", but the recipient must take the initiative to access it.

PMI processesEdit

The following PMI processes use communication methods as one of their tools and techniques:

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