Calendar with color coded pins indicating types of communication releases.

A tool that may be useful for communications management is a communications calendar. (Note: this is not a document or tool mentioned in the PMBOK.) In the communications calendar, the team identifies a schedule for when certain messages should go out and to which audience. The calendar can also identify who will write and/or send the communication and what media will be used. This can be part of the communications management plan, and it can also be a useful, visual way to track and control communications.

In developing the communications calendar, consider

  • when the project will have major milestones to announce
  • how often people outside of the project team should have it in mind
    are there changes in behavior or expectations that need to be addressed? (The communications may be part of an overall organizational change management or transition.)
  • the flood of messages most people receive
  • giving context for external parties
  • providing cross-team updates for a large project where there are multiple teams or geographical dispersion
  • who will write the communications