LMA & PWS Initials


About this list...


The terms below are often linked to the article explaining more about them. In most cases the article will be the spelled out term, but in some the initialism or abbreviation is used much more often in discussion, so it is the name of the article.


The list is ordered alphabetically by the initialism, abbreviation, or acronym. In case of a tie, the spelled out term is used to alphabetize.

Initials Spelled Out Comments
AC actual cost
ADM activity diagramming method
AOA activity-on-arrow (diagram)
AON activity-on-node (diagram)
AOV average order value
BAC budget at completion
CCB change control board
CLV customer lifetime value
COQ cost of quality
CPAF cost plus award fee
CPFF cost plus fixed fee
CPI cost performance index
CPIF cost plus incentive fee
CPM critical path method
CSR corporate social responsibility
CSV customer satisfaction value
CV cost variance
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
DMAIC define, measure, analyze, improve, and control
DU or DUR duration
EAC estimate at completion
EEF enterprise environmental factors
EF early finish date
EMV expected monetary value
ES early start date
ETC estimate to complete
EV earned value
EVM earned value management
FF finish-to-finish
FFP firm-fixed-price
FMEA failure mode and effect analysis
FP-EPA fixed price with economic price adjustment
FPIF fixed price incentive fee
FS finish-to-start
IRR internal rate of return
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
KPI key performance indicator
LF late finish date
LS late start date
LOI letter of intent
MCCS management cost and control system
MOU memorandum of understanding
NPS net promotor score
NPV net present value
OCM organizational change management
OPA organizational process assets
OPM Organizational Project Management
PDU Professional Development Unit Used as part of continuing education. See PMI PDU.
PERT program evaluation and review technique
PM project management
PM project manager
PMBOK Project Management Book of Knowledge
PMI Project Management Institute
PMO project management office also stands for program management office or portfolio management office
PRINCE2 PRojects IN Controlled Environments (version 2)
PV planned value
R&D Research and Design
RAM responsibility assignment matrix
RBS resource breakdown structure
RBS risk breakdown structure
RFI request for information
RFP request for proposal
RFQ request for quote
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude A rough estimate of size. For example, in the case of time is it minutes (under an hour), hours (less than a day), days, weeks, months, etc
RTM requirements traceabilty matrix
SLA Service Level Agreement
SOW Statement of Work See project statement of work and agreements
SPI schedule performance index
SV schedule variance
TCPI to complete performance index
tE three point estimate See Three-point estimating
tM most likely estimate See Three-point estimating
tO optimistic estimate See Three-point estimating
tP pessimistic estimate See Three-point estimating
VAC variance at completion
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
YOY year over year changes from one year to the next, usually used to discuss growth