Meeting management is a facilitation technique and useful project management skill. Meetings are frequently suggested as one of the tools and techniques for PMI processes. Since meetings are also used in many other contexts, there is much advice for making them more effective.

More suggestions for effective meeting management to come...
  • Create and share the agenda in advance with the invited participants.
  • Make sure you have the people in the meeting who are necessary for the purpose.
    For instance, if the meeting is intended to come to a decision, the person or people who can approve the decision should be present.
    If the meeting topics cover areas where specific knowledge is required, have the experts there.
    If the meeting is to create options, consider having a Delphi brainstorming session in advance.
  • Use a "parking lot" to capture future topics. Stay on the agenda, but record "off-topic" items for later discussion. (If there's extra time, after the agenda is complete, you could cover these topics, if the right people and information are available.)
  • Record decisions. When a decision is made, write it for the record and read it back to ensure it is correct.
  • Record action items. (See action item list.) There are different ways to ensure that each action item is assigned to a responsible "owner", given a priority and a due date. Make sure you have an appropriate method to ensure follow-up.
  • Record risks. (Again, various organizations will have different ways to enter the risks into the risk register with the additional, necessary information.)
  • For status meetings, ...
  • Set the expectation that attendees should come prepared to provide updates on the components of the project for which they are responsible -- tasks, action items, communications, etc.
  • ...

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