The PMBOK® refers to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. This is the standard reference document for PMI (Project Management Institute). It is published by the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI).

ISBN 978-1-935589-67-9

The fifth edition has a copyright of 2013. This edition added a knowledge area, some processes, changed the names of other processes, and made other changes. At this time (January 2017), the PMP exam is based on the 5th edition and its contents.

Top level table of contentsEdit

The chapters in the PMBOK are

  1. Introduction
  2. Organizational influences and project life cycle
  3. Project management processes
  4. Project integration management
  5. Project scope management
  6. Project time management
  7. Project cost management
  8. Project quality management
  9. Project human resource management
  10. Project communication management
  11. Project risk management
  12. Project procurement management
  13. Project stakeholder management


The "3rd edition was released in 2004, with some major changes as compared to previous edition. 4th edition was released in 2008. The latest, 5th edition is released in 2013."[1]


External linksEdit


  1. "Introduction To Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK-5)" by Shivshanker Shenoy. On PM Exam SmartNotes. Site accessed on 2017-01-26.

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