Plan stakeholder management is the second of the stakeholder management PMI processes. After identifying the stakeholders, this step uses the information that was gather in the stakeholder register to engage the stakeholders and elicit their support. Expert judgment can help to identify the current state of the stakeholders and ways to improve the engagement levels. Meetings can be used to gather the expert judgement or to work with the project team to achieve the required levels of engagement. The PMI recommend analytical technique is to assess the current levels of engagement and compare them to the desired level for the various stakeholders. The engagement levels are

  • unaware - does not know about the project or its benefits and other impacts
  • resistant - aware of the project and its impacts, but resistance to the change
  • neutral - aware of the project, not resistant or supportive
  • supportive - aware of the project, and supports the change and potential impacts
  • leading - aware of the project and potential impacts, and actively ensuring its success

This information can be portrayed in a stakeholders engagement assessment matrix.

The plan stakeholder management process is in the planning PMI process group and the stakeholder management knowledge area.

The first stakeholder management process is identify stakeholders. This process is second and is described in section 13.2 of the PMBOK 5th edition. It is followed by manage stakeholder engagement and control stakeholder engagement.

According to the PMBOK, this activity has the following characteristics:

Inputs Tools and Templates Outputs
project management plan, stakeholder register, enterprise environmental factors, organizational process assets expert judgment, meetings, analytical techniques stakeholder management plan, project documents updates

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