The project manager is responsible for planning and running the project and ensuring its completion.

Depending on the organizational structure, staff may report primarily to the project manager or to a functional manager. According to PMI, the project manager must perform the tasks in the integration management knowledge area. The other knowledge areas can be managed by the project manager or delegated to others. For instance, the cost management processes may be performed by someone from the accounting function.

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Practice questionsEdit

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For the PMP or CAPM exam:
1. Effective project managers typically share three characteristics:

a. Knowledge, performance, and strong personal effectiveness
b. Risk taking, flexibility, and team leadership
c. Knowledge, strong management skills, and organization.
d. Leadership skills, cost effectiveness, and organization

This question and the answer below are from Exam 2 Jobs PMP Exam sample questions.

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Answers to Practice QuestionsEdit

1. A: When project managers combine their educational background and training with strong project accomplishments and personal traits, they usually succeed in their work. Project managers must select the right tools and techniques and management styles to fit each individual project.
This question and the question above are from Exam 2 Jobs PMP Exam sample questions.

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