Climbing the corporate ladder

Organization Chart (sample picture courtesy of Flicker)

The project team is the set of individuals working on the project. The definition who's on the project team will vary based on the organization. Usually, the project team includes the project manager and anyone reporting to the project manager. It may also include all the people (human resources) working on the project, both internal and external to the organization. To some extent, who is considered as part of the team depends on the type of organization and project management type. For instance, in some organizations staff who are working on this project part-time as well as on other projects or only as their expertise is required. PMI classifies organizational structures as a range from functional to projectized. In a functional organization, employees report up through their own function, such as sales, production, marketing, accounting, etc. In a projectized organization, the staff all report up through their project. Many organizations are matrixed with a hybrid structure mixing some elements of functional and project-oriented reporting.

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