A responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) is one way of showing some of the roles and responsibilities in the project. It is usually a table with the staff (by role or name) crossed by the responsibility (by work package or activity). The intersections in the table formed by these categories in the rows and columns, identify the level of participation in the activity. The example given in the PMBOK, 5th edition, p. 262 is RACI. RACI stands for responsible, accountable (or in some schemes, approver or assists), consult and inform. There are a few variations.

RACI Chart Person
Activity Zack Yvonne Xerxes Willow Vicky Ulfred
Create project charter I C A R C C
Develop project management plan I C A C R I
Collect work performance data I I A R C I

Participation key: R=Responsible A=Accountable C=Consult I=Inform

Another variation is RASIC for responsible, approver, supporter, informed, consulted. There may be additional rules. Some of the rules in some of the formats may be that every activity must have one (and only one) person (or role) identified as responsible. In some variations a person (or role) may participate in more than one way; some grid spots may not have any participation indicators.

RASIC Chart Person
Activity Tom Sarah Robin Qiao
Update stakeholder register I C A R
Maintain risk register S R C A
Submit change requests A C R

Participation key: R=Responsible A=Approver S=Supports I=Inform C=Consult

Another example:


* Legend: A: accountable; C: consulted; I: informed; R: responsible; S: supportive; V: verifier

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