Roles define the tasks for which someone is responsible. The role may not be the same as the person's job title. Staff on the project team and other stakeholders may hold more than one role. The stakeholder register should list the stakeholders and the key roles they play.

Some roles (from PMBOK 5th edition, p. 36):

Additional roles:

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Practice questionsEdit

PMP or CAPM Exams

  1. For each of the following responsibilities identify whether it is part of the project manager or functional manager's role.[1] (Scroll down for the answers.)
  1. Set project goals and objectives.
  2. Develop detailed task descriptions
  3. Communicate/Establish major milestones
  4. Set high-level requirements
  5. Provide detailed schedules.
  6. Identify areas of risk, uncertainty, and conflict.
  7. Establish ground rules and provide assumptions.
  8. Define project constraints.
  9. Provide summary status reports for the sponsor

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  1. Kerzner, Harold and Saladis, Frank P. Project Management Workbook and PMP/CAPM Exam Study Guide. Ninth Edition. 2006. pp. 124-125 and 135.

Answers to Practice QuestionsEdit

  1. Manager responsibilities:
  1. project manager
  2. functional manager
  3. project manager
  4. project manager
  5. functional manager
  6. functional manager
  7. project manager
  8. project manager
  9. project manager

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