Schedule management is one of the ten PMBOK knowledge areas. (Before version 6, it used to be known in PMI terminology as "time management".) It refers to the management of the project schedule. The schedule is one of the three main constraints of project management.

Note:  In version 6 of the PMBOK, this knowledge area was renamed to Schedule Management.


A Gantt Chart is often used to manage and display the schedule.

Time management is described in chapter 6 of the 5th edition of the PMBOK. PMI defines the processes of project time management as

  1. Plan schedule management
  2. Define activities
  3. Sequence activities
  4. Estimate activity resources
  5. Estimate activity durations
  6. Develop schedule
  7. Control schedule

The first six of these processes are all in the planning process group; control schedule is the only time management process in another process group -- monitoring and controlling.

Some key documents related to time management are the schedule management plan and the schedule.

PMI's ten knowledge areas: Integration management, Scope management, Schedule management, Cost management, Quality management, Resource management, Communications management, Risk management, Procurement management, Stakeholder management

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