The skills of the prospective project team members are an important part of the human resource management of a project. As the project manager acquires a project team, he or she needs to consider the roles and skills identified in the previous process of "plan human resource management". Staff with those skills may be pre-assigned or a training may be required.

Projects require multiple kinds of skills. And skills can be classified or described in a variety of ways. Most projects will require some domain-specific expertise. Projects require interpersonal skills. In addition to grouping skills by the type of ability, they can be classified by the groups of people who use them (e.g., managerial skills) or when they are needed. For example, Harold Kerzner lists the following skills as "cross-cutting" and required throughout all phases of a project:

Each project will have a different mix of skills and levels of skill. Staff can be motivated to work on a project because it allows them to demonstrate skills they already have, or because the project will give them an opportunity to learn new skills.

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