The stakeholder management plan is one of the outputs of the plan stakeholder management process. (The other is project documents updates.) It is part of the project management plan. It is used in the plan stakeholder management, manage stakeholder engagement, and collect requirements processes.

The plan is described in the PMBOK, 5th edition, section

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The stakeholder management plan includes

  • "Desired and current engagement levels of stakeholders;
  • "Scope and impact of change to stakeholders;
  • "Identified interrelationships and potential overlap between stakeholders;
  • "Stakeholder communication requirements for the current project phase;
  • "Information to be distributed to stakeholders, including language, format, content, and level of detail;
  • "Reason for the distribution of that information and and the expected impact to stakeholder engagement;
  • "Time frame and frequency for the distribution of required information to stakeholders; and
  • "Method for updating and refining the stakeholder management plan as the project progresses and develops.[1]

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  1. PMBOK, 5th edition, section

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