A start-to-start relationship (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Start-to-start (SS) is one of the four possible logical relationships between activities in a schedule using the precedence diagramming method (PDM). In a start-to-start relationship the successor activity cannot start until the predecessor does. Although the two tasks do not need to begin at the same time, some software will automatically begin the successor task when the predecessor begins. In some cases, there may be a defined time before the successor task can begin. For instance, the fence posts must be installed before the rest of the fence, and you may need to wait a day for the cement to dry. But the fencing can start to go up a day after the posts were started, and does not need to wait until all the posts are done.


  • Begin writing a book, and you can begin writing the first chapter.
  • You can start entering survey results into a statistical system as soon as the results start to come in. You do not need to wait for all the data.

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