PMBOK Cafe Risk Management (4)

PMBOK Cafe Risk Management

The PMI strategies for handling negative risks or threats are

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The accept strategy can be used for both positive and negative risks.

Examples of negative risks include

  • the export license is not granted
  • software protection, such as anti-virus programs, pop-up blockers, or firewalls, may cause problems for automating new software installation
  • key personnel leaving the project or the company
  • equipment can breakdown
  • cold weather makes the cement dry slower than expected
  • necessary training may not be available during the timeframe it's scheduled
  • none of the approved sellers can get the required amount of supplies on time
  • required security clearances may take longer than expected

See the article on risks for links to more comprehensive lists that you can use as thought starters for identifying risks to your project.

Joel on Risk Management Model- Frequency over Severity - Reduce, Avoid, Accept, Transfer, money $- Technology-Related Risk Analysis for the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA

Risk Management Model

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