Intel engineer Russ Brown tests Ultrabrook for mechanical shock

Product testing: Intel engineer Russ Brown tests Ultrabrook for mechanical shock.

Strickly speaking testing is not a project management activity, but it is an activity in many projects. This article is intended to collect some basic information about testing and some references. The kinds of tests and how they fit into the project will vary by domain and by project.

Software testingEdit

Testing is a key part of the software development process. There are multiple levels or stages of software testing: unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.

Product testingEdit

New products are often tested to see how prospective customers receive them. They are also tested to ensure they will work properly in the desired environments. For example, will the watch the company wants to sell as water proof still work after being immersed? To what depth or length of time? The results of testing are sometimes used as part of the advertising materials for the products.

Product safety testingEdit

More specific than general product testing, many products require safety testing as part of their development process. Some examples are vehicles, baby toys, and drugs.

Taste testingEdit

Deli Fresh Taster, At Your Service

Taste testing.

Another form of more specific product testing is taste testing. A company may test slightly different recipes to see which more people like.

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