The PMI process to validate scope formally ensures that the deliverables are complete and meet the criteria set for acceptance.

Validate scope is in the scope management knowledge area and the monitoring and controlling process group.

According to the PMBOK, this activity has the following characteristics:

Inputs Tools and Templates Outputs
project management plan, requirements documentation, requirements traceability matrix, verified deliverables, work performance data inspection, group decision-making techniques accepted deliverables, change requests, work performance information, project documents updates

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Requires a sign-off. The appropriate approver is defined in the project management plan, sometimes in a sub-document such as the scope management plan or stakeholder management plan.

The control quality process verifies the deliverables. Those verified deliverables then become inputs to this validate scope process (per PMBOK 5th edition). Then, the output of this process is either an accepted deliverable or change requests.