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Virtual teams are teams that work together while not geographically co-located or able to meet face-to-face. This broadens the pool of available staff, talent, and expertise. When a project has activities occurring in multiple places, it may be useful to have representatives based in those locations.

Technology such as video and audio conferencing, email, and web-based meeting tools as well as online team document repositories facilitate the use of virtual teams. When virtual teams are part of the project team, it may also be necessary to have a travel budget.

When working with virtual teams, it may be necessary to pay attention to time zones, language, and cultural differences.

Virtual teams are one of the tools and techniques listed in the PMBOK as part of the process to acquire project team.

Other names for virtual teams are geographically dispersed teams, distributed teams, or remote teams.

Related: acquisition, project team, human resources, colocation

Virtual teams are described in the PMBOK, 5th edition, section

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